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We are working around the clock to
rebuild Anguilla in the most spectacular way.


Your love and support has been invaluable to our recovery effort.

There are so many individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond to support us on island. As we move forward with our plans to rebuild Anguilla, we identified a few projects you might be interested in being a part of. Below we've outlined a range of community service initiatives that would benefit from you support.


Adrian T. Hazell Primary

The Adrian T Hazell Primary School is one of the six public primary schools on the island. Presently, there are 333 students and 30 teachers on site. Unfortunately, after Irma's passing, the school lost various facilities, including senior classes (grades 4-6), ICT Lab, Special Needs Unit and the remedial Reading Room.

By adopting a classroom, your contributions will go towards reading books, desks, bookshelves, and computers.

For more information on how you can help:

Call: +1-264-497-6348


Web: Facebook page


Arijah Children's Foundation

Arijah Foundation is named after Arijah, an 11-year-old girl born with a genetic condition affecting her mental and physical development. The Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization providing services through the Blossom Centre where Anguilla's children with special needs receive education and therapy to help them learn how to walk and talk, giving hope for a brighter future.

We have been relocated as our Blossom Center has lost most of its roof and needs repairs.

For more information on what you can do to help:

Call: +1-264-235-2742




Miriam Gumbs Senior Citizens Home

The Miriam Gumbs Senior Citizens home is one of the facilities dedicated to caring for the elderly in Anguilla. The passage of Hurricane Irma resulted in damage to the property and its surroundings.

By adopting this home, your contributions will go towards doors, fencing, trees, and plants.

For more information on how you can help:

Call Nurse Corrine Hodge: +1-264-584-8606

Tender Loving Care

Tender Loving Care Nursing Home is one that houses many of Anguilla's elderly and disabled. Due to the severe damage caused by Hurricane Irma, TLC residents were moved from their nursing home to a private residence.

The home has lost its roof and has suffered intense structural damage. It is at the moment, unlivable.

For more information on how you can offer assistance:

Call: +1-264-584-1600

Web: Go Fund Me