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On September 6th, Hurricane Irma passed over Anguilla

Our testimony

On September 6th, Hurricane Irma passed over Anguilla -- fortunately both Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria, that followed in her wake, bypassed our island. Since Irma’s passage, Anguillians have come together to rebuild the island, with the overwhelming support of our stakeholder partners, a testament to the resilience and indomitable spirit of our people. As our Chief Minister has promised, we will be open for Christmas, and look forward to welcoming our visitors for the festive season.

The good news is that the cleanup and recovery is proceeding at a rapid pace, exceeding our expectations. Phone and Internet communications have been restored to most parts of the island. Roads and beaches have been cleared, there are no lines at gas stations, and grocery stores are well stocked. Electricity has been restored to many villages through Crocus Hill and The Valley -- our power company Anglec is working around the clock.

Our airport and cargo port are fully operational, and temporary facilities are in place at Blowing Point to facilitate residents and guests arriving from St. Maarten.

This site is intended to provide you with the latest information, updates on the re-openings of our hotels, restaurants, villas and attractions, along with improvements and enhancements to our infrastructure and services.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon in Anguilla!