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We wanted to reassure you that travel to Anguilla is safe. Below are some positive updates from our Public Health & Safety Officials.


Operations at the Water Corporation of Anguilla have returned to normalcy. Rationing of water supplies has ceased and all lines of access to public water are now open. The Water Corp has been using this time to assess and improve on any leakage/ weak areas in the water system.

Both the Brackish Reverse Osmosis Plant and the Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant have been recommissioned. Combined they push 1 Million Gallons of water island wide daily.


In light of Irma's passing, the Health Authority of Anguilla is pleased to report that there have been no cases of any mosquito-borne diseases. As a result of the loss of some Hospital Services, the Health Authority remains in Emergency Mode.

These services are scheduled to be resumed in the upcoming weeks. Supplementary staffing has been provided from the Cayman Islands and all pharmacies are now fully stocked. All emergency vehicles and facilities are up and running.Two of the community clinics are back in operation and reconstruction efforts on the remaining Clinics have commenced.

Department of Environmental Protection

The Department of Health Protection is working steadfastly to mitigate vectors and other health concerns. Island-wide inspections have been conducted on all possible mosquito breeding sites. Scheduled fogging has also been taking place island wide over the past few weeks. The Department has also been working around the clock to carry out inspections at restaurants and other eating establishments to ensure that they are up to code before opening for the season.

As it relates to waste collection and disposal services, contractors are now back to pre-Irma routine services. National advisories and press releases have since been published to alert and educate the public on risk mitigation measures. Everyone is playing their part to ensure that Anguilla is as safe and clean as it would have been before Irma”